WWTP Al-Awir, Dubai /VAE 130,000 m3/d

High-end performance and technologies for our clients in the public sector, industrial sector and private sector all over the world

BAMAG is working internationally on different kinds of projects for water and wastewater applications. Therefore we are dealing with the public, private and industrial sector in the same way.

Turnkey Projects

are most of the realized and achieved projects. Together with a partner for the civil constructions, we perform the individual requirements of our customers for treatment plants of any capacity and different technologies.

Operation and Maintenance Projects

are a core competence within our portfolio. We have a high number of significant references with various capacities and technologies in different countries. This extensive experience allows us to operate and maintain treatment facilities achieving the highest efficiency and lifetime.

PPP – Public Private Partnership Projects

Together with investors and local private or public partners, we combine our competence in realizing turnkey projects together with our long term experience in the operation and maintenance of treatment facilities. Due to our strong overall background, we can provide the highest possible economy for the projects of our clients.