The milestones of growth in competence and success with the genetic of LURGI water and wastewater technologies and more than 1,600 plant references dealing with millions of tons of water

1872 Bamag, formed as Berlin-Anhaltische Maschinenbau Aktien-Gesellschaft
1922 Association of Bamag Cairo Branch in Egypt
1924 Bamag Meguin AG, merging of Bamag and Franz Meguin AG
1927 Bamag Meguin AG, acquired by Julius Pintsch AG
1953 Pintsch Bamag AG, merging Bamag Meguin and Julius Pintsch AG
1970 Davy Bamag GmbH, demerge from Pintsch Bamag AG
1994 Lurgi Bamag GmbH, acquired by Lurgi AG with merging of Lurgi’s water activities.
1999 Lurgi Bamag GmbH, acquired by Azurix Corp.
2002 Bamag GmbH, acquired by Allied Ressources Corp.
2004 Association of Bamag Egypt.
2010 Bamag, renaming of Bamag Egypt.