Corporate Policy
Alexandria – Amriya WWTP /Egypt 100,000 m3/d – Amrita 3 WWTP with a capacity of  100,000 m3/d under execution with expected handing over in 2024

Not only for the importance of water and environment also for the responsibility towards the client’s investment to ensure the best economic, environmental and public benefits.

Based on profound conviction in respect of

  • clear adoption of our responsibilities for the over-all quality of our products and performance.
  • creativity, continuous development and provision of innovative, economical and sustainable technical solutions.
  • compliance with valid laws, regulations and internationally accepted norms and standards
  • transparency in our relationship with all participants
  • providing highly qualified international and local employees
  • cultural and social competence
  • our trade mark affinity in the market

BAMAG committed itself to:

  • precise, comprehensive and innovative technical solutions with the highest standards for its efficiency and environmental protection as well as low maintenance and operation requirements
  • highest quality, availability and long durability.
  • short delivery time and reliable high performance
  • continuous and efficient after-sales support
  • participation of local supplies and services