WWTP Leuna Werke AG /Germany 19,000 m3/d – Handed over 1995

Technical capability and economic expertise meet social and cultural competence for the best performance in any place

BAMAG is an amalgamation of Envirotherm companies in order to cover the different needs on the global water market by German technology and performance standards! With over 400 employees, each entity is providing specific products and services to their individual markets. This way, we can grant our clients the best possible set up in order to fulfill their upscale economical and environmental targets.

BAMAG GmbH, located in Essen, Germany

is the design and development platform for our technologies, using the highly qualified and experience resources of process engineers in Germany. Especially available process designs are under continuous optimization, matching the results out of our extensive operation experience and new equipment technologies. Other main tasks are the EPC contracting in Europe and for special international projects as well as the licensing and licensee support.

BAMAG, located in Giza, Egypt

is a key player for the EPC contracting as well as the operation and maintenance of potable water and wastewater treatment facilities in its market. Using BAMAG technologies together with the local presence grants a strong partnership for any client in Africa and the Middle East, backed by the enormous expertise and competence out of the long term business history in Egypt.