BAMAG has participated in Cairo Watrex Expo 2019 from 20 – 22 March 2019

Watrex Expo is the 4thInternational Exhibition & Conference for Water&Wastewater Technologies

BAMAG LLC is an EPC Contractor based in Egypt . BAMAG is a Leader in the “Clean Water” sector, in addition to its activities in Design & Build, Supply of Electromechanical equipment and Operation for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants as well as Industrial Wastewater Treatment.

BAMAG’s activities focus on the MENA Region, which is a growing market concerning environmental issues, especially those related to the Treatment of Water and Wastewater sector. BAMAG’s experience in the Water Purification is based on its historical background exceeding more than 118 years and the Design & Build of more than 1,600 plants around the world.

BAMAG commissioned in Egypt more than 150 Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants with a total capacity exceeding five million m3 / day.